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This way is a very potential way of making wealth on the internet without any expense or without any investment. In this way we make money by taking participation in Forum Discussion. The marvelous part of this way of earning money is that it has no per day restriction or limit on earning cash. The more you discuss is more you make money. So learn it carefully if you want to become rich. There are many categories (or field of interests) on which you can discuss like music and movies, skin care and health, food and beverages, education, sports and gamming, housing and shopping,earning on line, hobbies and life style etc. So you will find many topics on which you can easily write and can share your thinking and feelings.

I strongly recommend you to join this program because it’s a very potential way to earn quick money online with less required efforts and skills. Trust me, if you dedicate only two hours daily in this program then you can earn from $1 - $3 per day.( Also depends on your typing speed !)
Also discussion is not a new thing since we all are connected with our friends and family members through social networking websites (like FaceBook, Twitter, Orkut etc) and we discuss with them there. The same thing you can do here but this time you will earn money. Almost all the facilities that are available on any social networking website are also available on this paid to forum discussion website. You can make new friends here by sending them friend request or can call your old friends to join this program. You can create your own custom profile page where you can write about yourself. You can also upload your pictures and can add videos too. You can send messages to your friends or can write comments on their profile page or on their photos and videos. Groups, communities, blogs, games, quizzes and lots more things are there. So in this program you will be paid for the things that you were already doing before. This is the main reason why I highly recommend you to join this program.
Let me explain the basic on which they pay money for the discussions. For asking a QUESTION (or starting a new DISCUSSION on a particular topic) you will be paid few cents. When you add comment to  someones answers (or add reply to your discussion) you will be paid few more. If you ask an interesting question or start an interesting discussion then you will be paid much more. According to their algorithm if your discussion is interesting then it will surely get more people’s attention and they will definitely add more replies. So if you get more replies or more answers then you can comment to all of them and you will earn more.
You will also earn one or two cents if you add reply (or answer) to other’s discussion (or question). But you will earn much more if you did quality discussion i.e. if your reply (or answer) is accurate and descriptive (which contains all the detail). One more thing, if you add image to the discussion then you will be paid for that. Even you can earn more by discussing on the field of interests which you select as your favorite. This is how you can earn money online by simply taking participation in the forum discussion.  Its like- work more and earn more, and unlike other websites it has no per day earning limit. So click on the link given below to register.

  NB    :    All earnings are updated only after 24Hrs.

Some questions and answers which may help you understand more about FORUM DISCUSSION....:-


This is the service which pays you money for posting or discussing anything in their forum.


No one exactly knows what their paying pattern is. For posting a quality  response you will be paid around $0.03. And if you ask a wonder question on which many people adds their reply then you will be paid for each reply your question gets. For giving an answer or adding a respond to other’s question or discussion you will be paid around one cent. If you add any video or picture with your question or answer, then you will be paid more. So no one exactly knows what their paying rates per post are. The best way to know it is to try it yourself. More over your earnings will get updated in your account every 24 hours; it will be easy to know your earning potential.


Better say “I want to get banned”. One account is sufficient for you. In case if you forget your password then you can recover it by following the simple password recover steps. But their strong policy doesn’t allow you to create more than one account. You are already warned so be safe.


No there is not of any kind. More you discuss is more you earn. So if you want to grab more money then engage yourself there as much as you can.


Yes, it’s totally free to sign up and start discussion in their forum and to start earning some real money.


You must accumulate at least $10 bucks in your account to ask for your payment. They will send you your cash directly to your PayPal account, from where money is converted into National currency and transferred to the bank account.

( If you don't have a PayPal account CLICK HERE to register @ PayPal for FREE
    NB :  If you are signing up for paypal then chose Personal account, it has no fee for receiving money)

Things to do while discussing:
Always remember to make quality discussions and responses. Never answer anything with YES or NO and never start any discussion which can be answered as YES or NO. Always keep your discussions and responses of at least 3 sentences or else they won’t be credited. Participate in your own discussions; if someone had replied to your discussion then you should add a comment on his/her response and while doing so avoid thanks giving comments. For example if someone posts a response on your discussion then never comment on them saying “Thanks for your response”. Also always try to attach a photo with your discussions and responses. Uploading a picture to the discussion alone will give you one extra cent.

One more thing, try to add more and more active people as your friends, because they will visit your profile page which contains a list of the discussions which you have started. Your friends will add response on your discussion to earn money and they will make your discussion an active one and ultimately you will get a better reputation and more money. So never hesitate to send friend request to the active members of the forum.

Also if you are unable to find new topics to start discussions then go to yahoo answer dot com. Every minute a new question is asked there. Never copy them, this website has a strong anti-spam policy, if they detect you copying or stealing contents from internet then they will block your account and you will never get paid from them. So never spam and always choose them wisely. You were already warned. The best thing you can to do prevent breaking their anti-spam policy is to take only ideas or hints from those questions which were already asked at yahoo answer dot com, and then innovate them by removing useless and adding useful points. This is a great shortcut through which you will have plenty of questions or Ideas to select from.

Happy Earning..!!!


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